Chicken 1100 Grams Frozen


Packet Content : Full Frozen Chicken – No Cuts in original packaging

Gross Wt : 1.1 Kg

Best for : Roast if Full


  • 100% free of hormones
  • No preservatives
  • Vegetable-fed chicken

Origin : Ukraine

Halal Status: Yes

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The Qualiko Frozen Chicken is rich in taste and texture. It is slaughtered according to Islamic Law under the supervision and control of Halal Certification and Research Centre.

Qualiko deals with poultry products and it provides a variety of frozen chicken products like frozen chicken thigh, frozen chicken drumsticks, chicken wings and many more.

Complete chicken lifecycle has certified Non-GMO status.


Chicken Feed:

Balanced Chicken Feed is the most important part to ensure the texture and the quality of chicken.

To ensure the premium taste and quality, the feed contains full range of vitamins, micro element and other nutrients.

The Feed mainly contains pure water, wheat, sunflower, rapeseeds and corn.


Source of Protein:

Being an essential part of healthy and balanced diet, chicken is excellent source of protein.

It helps to maintain a:

  • healthy body,
  • teeth,
  • bones,
  • kidney,
  • heart,
  • liver and
  • central nervous system.


How to Use Frozen Chicken:

Frozen Chicken should be defrosted as per USDA regulations for a perfect taste to maintain nutrients and become part of any recipe you wish to prepare.

When thawing, it’s best to plan in advance and thaw in the refrigerator where it will remain at a safe, constant temperature — at 40 °F or below. For more information on Thawing or defrosting process, please refer to  USDA regulations .

Weight1.1 kg
Cook Type

Barbeque, Casserole, Pan Fry, Roast


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