Ziplock Bag 35×28 cms

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Ziplock Bag 35×28 cms

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Short Description: Zip Lock Meat Storage Bags

Packet Content: Pack of 30 ea Oxo-Biodegradable ziplock bags

Size: 35 CM x 28 CM

Good for: Meat Storage, F0od storage

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Zipper Bags

  • keep food fresh and hygenic
  • Keeps in flavour, moisture and juices
  • Resealable zipper bags with color seal
  • Quick seal – Easy to open and close
  • Open zip one inch to went while microwaving


  • Zipper Bags can not be used in conventional ovens
  • Do not allow zipper bag to come in contact with flame
  • Not advisable to use zipper bags in fatty and oily foods
  • Do not over fill with liquid content


  • Do not let kids to use with out responsible supervision
  • Excess moisture can promote spoilage, keep dry prior to storage
  • Some liquids expands during freezing, so do not overfill
  • Store in room temperature

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