Turkish Cheese Kebab 500 Gms

turkish cheese kebab

Turkish Cheese Kebab 500 Gms


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Packet content: Turkish Cheese Kebabs

Gross Weight: 500 Grams

Patty Weight: 30-40 Grams

Cooking Directions: Please review in description below

Spice Level: Non Spicy

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Turkish Cheese Kebab, also known as Inegol Kofte is a  flavorful and juicy cheese kebabs prepared fresh by our star Turkish chef. Each Kebab is approximately 30-40 grams and prepared with well mixed ingredients in perfect meat combinations

Approximately 16 to 17 kebabs per 500 Grams.


Fresh Beef Mince, Fresh Lamb Mince, Cheese, Fat, Salt

Cooking Directions:

  1. Heat the pan and put Turkish Cheese kebabs individually on heated pan
  2. Flip Kebabs frequently till you see kebabs turning brown color
  3. Take out and serve with sauce or make a lovely sandwich.


  • Do not use oil, kebabs include a balanced portion of fat to be used as oil and to add flavor.
  • Kebabs have high fat content to add flavour.

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Grill, Pan Fry


Non Spicy


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