Ultimate Chicken Box


Short Description: Chicken Box

Packet Content: 

1 kg Whole Chicken – 12 pcs
1 kg Whole Chicken – 16 pcs
1 kg Whole Chicken – 8 pcs
1 kg Chicken Breast Fillet
1 kg Chicken Boneless Cubes
1 kg Chicken Boneless strips
1 kg Chicken Mince
900 grams Frozen Chicken wings
900 grams Frozen Chicken drumsticks
450 grams Frozen Chicken liver
2 pack x Chicken sausage

All weights mentioned are Gross Weight, i.e before Cleaning

Best for: BBQ, Casserole, Roast, Stirfry, Panfry, Grill


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Chicken Box contains approx 10 Kg of Chicken Products.

All mentioned weight is Gross Weight, For more information on Weight definitions, please visit FAQ section

Customers can specify the details and preference to cut while product selection or at checkout.


Weight9.5 kg
Cook Type

Barbeque, Casserole, Pan Fry, Roast, Stir Fry

Box Category

Chicken Box

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